What carpet cleaning methods does USA Clean Master utilize?
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What carpet cleaning methods does USA Clean Master utilize?

A Suitable Cleaning Method is Half The Battle


When you see "professional carpet cleaning", you think that you automatically get the best cleaning service. However, different companies use different professional carpet cleaning methods. How do you determine which is better for you and your carpet?

We, at USA Clean Master, are happy to walk you through the carpet cleaning methods we utilize. This article will help you to find out which carpet cleaning method is best for you and why.


Carpet Cleaning Methods We Use: The How and When

Each cleaning method we use is unique in its own way. We have explained how each works and when it is best to use these methods.


Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is also known as hot water extraction. As you might have guessed from its other name, it uses hot water, not steam. The hot water sprays into your carpet under high pressure. The pressurized water helps agitate the carpet fibers and remove deeply ingrained dust and dirt.

A vacuum is then used to suction out the water used to clean the carpet, and with it the dirt. You will have to leave your carpet to dry for a few hours when used at home / office. The drying process can take anything from four to six hours, depending on the room's temperature and the carpet's fabric.

This method is often touted as the most effective for several reasons. Steam cleaning leaves your carpet feeling softer and looking fresher because of the hot water used. It is also perfect for people with allergies as it helps get rid of 90% of the dust and allergens without using chemicals. More importantly, if you look at your carpet's warranty document, you may be required to have your carpet professionally cleaned with hot water extraction to keep the warranty valid. However, hot water can't be used on all carpet types.


Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning is quite similar to the steam cleaning method. The significant difference is the cleaning supplies used and the time spent. For the deep cleaning process, we use eco-friendly cleaning products.

We apply cleaning products to our steam cleaning machine and the steam cleaning process is done two or three times until all dirt comes out of the carpet.

This carpet cleaning technique is mostly used for very filthy carpets. It might take a while to dry, so you must be ready to leave the living / working space.


Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning makes use of a specialized motorized machine with an absorbent pad. First the cleaning product is applied to the carpet. The absorbent pad on the machine is then used to soak up the moisture and dirt from the carpet's surface.

This cleaning method only gets rid of dirt on the surface. It works for places like hotels and companies open 24/7. Many commercial grade carpets have a dense, non-fluffy pile that is cleaned very well by bonnet cleaning. For larger office spaces, it is a fast and effective carpet cleaning method. However, you should note that bonneting is only a temporary solution as your carpet gets dirty quickly again since the cleaning didn't go deep. Also, it leaves cleaning residue that can damage your carpet if left in for long.

However, you can choose this method if you want to get rid of dirt quickly at your office. It will help you keep your carpet looking sparkly clean when done right by professionals.


Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing is one of the oldest carpet cleaning techniques, and it is economical and straightforward. The process is like shampooing your hair with only a few differences.

The carpet shampoo is applied to your carpet with rotating brushes and left to dry. As it dries, the shampoo binds with the dirt inside the carpet, and pulls it away. After it is completely dry and the shampoo with the dirt has separated from the carpet, a special vacuum equipment is used to extract the residue. Vacuuming is done until the carpet is free of residues. Shampooing is effective at removing all forms of dust, grime, and dirt. The problem with this method is the residue detergents leave. It attracts dirt, making your carpet dirty again not long after. The right type of shampoo and equipment also matter. We know how to make it work, though, if it's what you want.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of a special cleaning compound or powder. This powder consists of bio-degradable particles that act like micro sponges and absorb dirt. Our professionals apply the powder to your carpet using counter-rotating brushes, then vacuum to remove the powder and dust.

This method is perfect for commercial areas because it uses little to no water. You can use your carpet immediately after. It is also best for delicate carpets like jute, seagrass, and coir as the lack of water prevents fiber damage and shrinkage.


Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaning is also known as encapsulation. It involves the use of a specialty foam that bubbles and expands on the carpet. The foam crystallizes into powder that encapsulates the dirt. After that we vacuum or brush the dried foam out or use steam extraction.

This method is eco-friendly and does not require much water. It also doesn't leave chemicals behind. However, it might not leave your carpet spic and span due to the limits of the technology.

You can compare pros and cons of several carpet cleaning methods to choose one for your carpet. While you are at that, you might notice that we use different equipment for each cleaning. We have mentioned a few of these specialized tools below.


Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Cleaning goes beyond your store-bought hand-held vacuum. At USA Clean Master, we have different types of carpet cleaning machines and supplies used to clean and revitalize your carpet.

Some of the certified supplies and equipment include:

  • Portable carpet extractors
  • Power wands
  • Rotary extractors
  • Spotting machines
  • Truck-powered vacuums
  • Sweepers
  • Hoses and accessories
  • Sprayers
  • Dryers and Air movers
  • Green Cleaning Products

The cleaning equipment and supplies that we use on your carpet depend on certain factors. The cleaning method, level of contamination and dirt, and fiber material all come into play. You don't have to worry about these details with our professionals at USA Clean Master. They know the best way to clean carpet to perfection.


Order Carpet Cleaning Service from USA Clean Master

Have you compared the different carpet cleaning methods and wondered which is best for you? You want to choose the steam method for its excellent stain removal. However, the bonnet's quick drying time keeps making you change your mind. You might even be considering dry carpet cleaning to maintain the durability of your carpet.

At USA Clean Master, you don't have to worry about all these details. Our professionals know precisely how to consider all the factors and choose the best cleaning method for you and your carpet. Call our representatives today at 888-396-5195 and get the best carpet cleaning service!


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