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How do you know it's allergy season in New Jersey?

Answer: It's sometime between April and September.

Does this time frame seem a bit extreme? Well, according to a Rutgers University study on climate and weather change, climate change might account for the apparent extension of allergy season which you might have noticed now begins earlier and ends later. As the climate continues to shift, this trend is expected to become the new normal and for allergy sufferers, there seems to be no remedy in sight.

Well, there is one solution that we believe will help. Remember how, in an effort to get your allergies under control, doctors would advise you to stay indoors during peak allergy hours? You know, they told you to literally seal your doors and windows shut in order to prevent any outdoor air from entering your home? We certainly won't argue with the experts, but we at USA Clean Master can't help but wondering if these same people are aware of the fact that indoor air pollution is just as harmful as outdoor air pollution? If you look at the facts you will see that even the EPA is so concerned about the effects of indoor allergens that they recommend professional carpet cleaning to allergy sufferers as a means of lowering the chances of allergy attacks indoors.

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Banish Allergies From Your Home

Carpet cleaning has been proven effective for preemptively treating carpets before allergy season as well as removing allergens from carpets during peak season. Allergens literally sink down to the bottom most layers of a carpet's fibers where a vacuum's suction power can not reach. In order to loosen the allergens/dander/soil/bacteria up and detach them from your carpet, a special cleaning agent, steam, and power are required. The process is standard for most carpets as well as for our mattress cleaning service and the results are instantaneous. In fact, our customers report immediate relief of eye swelling, coughing, respiratory problems, and other typical allergy symptoms. We know this for a fact because we always call the following day.

If you feel shackled by your allergies this season, give USA Clean Master a call. We'll even send over our carpet cleaning experts the same day so that you don't have to wait a minute longer.

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