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Customer Satisfaction Is The Foundation Of Any Successful Business

About Us

With over 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry our reputation has grown and grown.

And we owe it all to you, our clients. Over the years we served ten's of thousands of happy, satisfied clients. How do we do it? Simple, we value each and every client. We never give up on any stain and we train only the best personnel.


The Best Offer You Can Get

At our USA Clean Master company we take notice not only to the job at hand but also pay special attention for fair, reasonable pricing. If you were quoted by one of our competitors and want a better offer just pick up the phone and call our office at 888-396-5195.


About the expertise and experience of our specialists

The easiest way to ensure the level of professionalism and experience of our experts, the easiest way is to see reviews from our clients or use our services. You can also gain a lot of useful information by reading our USA Clean Master's blog where our certified experts regularly share knowledge, talk about the intricacies and invisible sides of cleaning, and also explain things useful for the homeowner. Or visit the Knowledge base for more detailed information such as carpet care tips and tricks, methods, Guides, FAQs and many more!

Qualified Cleaning Technicians

We train our technicians at our national headquarters, there we do a full background check to make sure we get only the most honest personnel.

We have a two months long training course, where our workers learn how to clean any surface and how to treat clients the USA Clean Master way.

Truck Mounted High Tech Gear*

By using only the most advanced high teach cleaning trucks we are able to accomplish two goals: First, the cleaning times are much shorter and we can price them at a cheaper price. Second, our process is much more thorough and comprehensive. We clean better and faster thanks to our machinery.
*(subject to availability - not available in certain areas)

Green Cleaning Only - Your Biggest Benefit

We have a mutual benefit agreement with several green cleaning products manufactures in the US to use only their products which we designed together. Our strict guidelines as to the quality of our cleaning substances has been legendary. When our technicians finish the your cleaning session, you will be amazed just how clean a house can get without using harmful products. By maintaining our Green policy your family can breath easier and enjoy a safer environment.

We provide superior residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services. Visit Our Services page to learn more.

Certified, Licensed & Insured
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Flood Damage Pro - Water Damage Restoration Services
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Hardwood Revival - Wood Floors Treatment
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