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Importance of Carpet Care

USA Clean Master DC superior carpet cleaning services are the backbone of our nationwide brand and the rate of our returning customers can certainly vouch for our reputation in both the quality of our work and our dedication to first rate customer service. Our locations in the North East are of particular importance for us because in these areas, and in Washington DC in particular, indoor carpeting has a direct effect on indoor air quality and health conditions for residents. Due to the extreme weather conditions in the North East, appropriate carpet cleaning care is an essential step to maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Your Carpet Affects Your Health

In the last years Washington DC has experienced higher temperature levels than ever before. As a result, the humidity levels of the city have risen and have resulted in an increase of allergens and respiratory related problems. These humidity levels have also taken a toll on our indoor air quality. These allergens arrive from the outdoors and settle deep inside carpet fibers. Since they are buried in the furthest levels of your carpet, a simple vacuum cannot remove them and they sink even further. These invisible bacterial particles can pose a particular danger for children, the elderly, and anyone with sensitive respiratory systems, such as asthmatics.

Your Local Cleaning Team

High Pressure, Truck Mounted Vacuums

Our truck mounted cleaning systems are specially designed not only to create the appearance of a clean carpet, but to actually extract existing pathogens, making your carpet an unwanted home for them and assuring you that your carpet is sanitary enough for your loved ones to enjoy.

What do we offer?

  • Quick, efficient cleaning
  • Reasonable prices
  • High-quality cleaning methods that will keep your carpets intact
  • A warm, friendly and highly professional service

Cleaning Services With A Personal Touch

We believe ourselves to be more than just service providers, we are customer service providers as well and therefore your input and experience also serve as educational tools for every member of our team. When your cleaning is complete, please make sure to share with us any thoughts or opinions you might find important so that we can continue to improve our services.

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