Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

providing a clean, healthy environment for your home and business

USA Clean Master's carpet cleaning specialists in Phoenix can maintain your carpets and ensure a healthy home and office environment.

We employ professional carpet cleaners. Our team of experts devises unique cleaning methods for individual carpets in accordance with the area and material of carpets.

Clean carpets do not have allergens and dust mites lurking in various corners to infect adults and children health.

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Carpet Material Influence on Cleaning Method

The type of carpet material determines the type of method to be used. Dry cleaning is generally recommended for delicate fabrics like silk (Our experience and expertise in the field has got us the required knowledge about various carpet cleaning methods).

The most common, effective and thorough cleaning of large areas of carpet is facilitated by steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

USA Clean Master uses other methods too, such as bonnet cleaning, shampooing, foaming etc.

Using Steam Cleaning for a Thorough Carpet Cleaning

Carpet areas that face heavy traffic are heavily soiled and should be cleaned using steam cleaning.

Heavily soiled areas require pre-treatments by detergent based cleaning solutions (These contain emulsifiers that break down the dust-fiber binding and loosen dirt from carpet) as follow:

  1. The detergent based solution is applied for a period not exceeding 15 minutes after which the solution is extracted by an automatic cleaning tool.
  2. The carpet is thoroughly rinsed out along with residues and particulate matter.
  3. The steam extraction method makes use of more water when compared to other carpet cleaning methods and hence ample time should be provided for complete drying of carpets. Post extraction period is critical to leaving no residues and damp smell.

If you want your carpets to be steam cleaned or need other cleaning services, you can call us at 602-324-9600 for free estimates and quick turnaround.

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