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Carpet Cleaning in NYC

How many times do you clean a week? A month? Are you absolutely sure that's enough and that you get all the dirt and pollutants out?

Having a clean carpet in your NYC home requires more than maintaining a routine cleaning schedule. It also means cleaning your home the right way and with the right equipment. And no matter how good your vacuum is, you just can't get your carpets cleaned as good as our professional carpet cleaners would.

Whenever you need professional cleaning for your residential or commercial carpets, rugs, or upholstery, feel free to call our local branch in New York at 646-878-6360.

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Carpets Trap More Than You See

Carpets act like filters, only they're under our feet. The carpets tend to collect many airborne pollutants, and most of them are unnoticeable. The carpets fibers trap away dust, pollen, dander and mold spores deep inside the pile and under the surface. These pollutants tend to accumulate, and when the carpet is overloaded with them, every walk on the carpet releases the pollutants into the air.

Even if your carpets look good, you should know dust and other particles are hidden in there. Moreover, since you see the carpet every day, you may not have noticed it also is a little dull. Its original color is a little less bright, and it doesn't look clean at all. However, you wouldn't notice it until you have a professional carpet cleaning session from USA Clean Master in your home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Make the Difference

USA Clean Master provides professional steam carpet cleaning, using hot water extraction commercial grade machines. Our cleaning process removes more allergens than you would achieve when vacuuming on your own. In addition, the professional carpet cleaning will liven up your carpet's colors and fibers, making it look better and feel comfier.

Keeping a routine of cleaning yourself is important, but you should also maintain a professional steam or deep cleaning schedule. Cleaning your carpets every year to year and a half would maintain your carpets looks and feel for longer, as well as make your home and working space a healthier environment.


USA Clean Master - Cleaning Services in New York, NY

If for any number of reasons you are not up for the nitty gritty soil removing scrubbing-on-your-hands-and-knees job required to get a carpet truly cleaned and sanitized, then perhaps it's time to consider calling the professionals.

USA Clean Master has been in the cleaning industry for years and has used this time to develop various sophisticated methods of cleaning, not only carpet and upholstery, but also mattress and rugs, tiles and grout, and more. We credit our success with our belief that our customers deserve the highest quality cleaning materials and organic cleaning supplies, and that anything less than perfect is not enough.


Your House and Workplace Deserve Some Master Cleaning

A professional carpet cleaning certainly benefits your carpet in many ways, however our company goal goes beyond the basics. We want to actually convert your home from a cluttered, dusty space to a clean, relaxing environment for you to enjoy. We want you to know that we cleaned with the purest green cleaning products available on the market that are both safe for you, your children, and your pets.

No matter if you've never had your carpets cleaned before or you're looking for a spring cleaning or even preparing for hosting an event, our steam cleaning trucks operated by our expert technicians are sure to have your carpets and upholstery totally revitalized in only a few hours.

So if you're lacking in the time and the energy needed to get the job done, whether last minute or far into the future, give us a call at 646-878-6360 and let us give you a space to be proud of.

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