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Off-site / On-site Rug Cleaning

What Is It and Which One to Choose


Area rugs have a way of lightening up a room, adding warmth and color. You need to consistently vacuum the rug to rid it of dust, dirt, and allergens. However, vacuuming twice a week might not be enough to keep your area rug in top shape. So, you need to know how to clean area rugs properly.

You need professional cleaners for off-site area rug cleaning or on-site cleaning, whichever you prefer. What are the differences between the two, and which one should you choose? We have explained that below.


What is On-site Rug Cleaning?

On-site rug cleaning is the type of rug cleaning that is done in your house or on your premises. The professionals come to clean the rug. You might have to endure the inconveniences of having some parts of your home curtained for the cleaning. Onsite rug cleaning is only recommended where there is proper surface for the cleaning. Cleaning a rug on top of wood flooring is not possible. If that location is the only option, you will need off-site cleaning.

There are several steps involved in this cleaning.


The area rug is checked before cleaning. Pictures might be taken, and the details of your rug will be documented ahead of the cleaning.


After the inspection your area rug is first vacuumed to get rid of loose dirt and dust. We will also help you carefully carry any light furniture on the rug aside.

Color Testing

Your area rug would be tested to ensure that there will be no color bleeding or discoloration of your rug. The results of the testing ensure that the right products and methods are used for cleaning the rug.

Steam or Dry Clean

The last step of the cleaning is to steam clean area rugs or dry clean them. We will ensure that no harm will come to your rug fibers, tiles, or stone floors.

Now you understand what to expect in an on-site rug cleaning, you should also know what an off-site cleaning involves.

What is Off-site Area Rug Cleaning?

For off-site cleaning, the technicians take your area rug away to the facility for a cleaning. You might miss its presence for the duration of the cleaning. However, once it is done, you can have your area rug back without inconvenience.

The steps involved in this cleaning are:

Pick Up

The rug cleaning pick up service entails that a technician will come for your rug at a convenient time. You should prepare your rug to transportation (roll it out).

Pre-Inspection Step

This step is the same as during on-site cleaning. However, instead of it being done at your house, it is done at the cleaning facility.

Vacuuming with Professional Equipment

Professional vacuuming is carried out to get rid of any dirt and dust.

Colorfastness Testing

For a professional oriental rug cleaning or any delicate rug, this step is essential. It helps to ensure that the right products are used, and the colors of your rug don't get spoilt.

Shampooing and Washing

Your rug gets shampooed and washed to remove all stains, dirt, or allergens.


We rinse out the cleaning solvents used for washing.


The area rug is dried in a special chamber for faster drying.

Vacuum and Brush Off

We vacuum the rug and brush it off, lifting the fibers and restoring its excellent appearance.

Roll and Preparation for Delivery

Now, your rug is rolled and ready to be dropped off.

Drop Off

We drop off your rug and help you place it back where it should be.

When to Choose On-site and Off-site Rug Cleaning Service

Now you know the process involved in both on-site and off-site cleaning. You might be wondering which one of the two to choose for your cleaning. Let's help you.

On-site cleaning is a better choice if you need the cleaning done as quickly as possible. However, ensure you employ professional area rug cleaning services, so that they won't destroy your floors while cleaning, or worse your rug. As we mentioned before, you must have a type of surface to clean the rug on that will not be damaged by moisture. Wood floors are not a good idea, and you should choose off-site cleaning in this case.

Off-site cleaning is better when you want the most efficient cleaning that is both safe and affordable. The washing won't inconvenience you, and your rug would also be adequately cleaned and dried. However, you need trusted services that won't run off with your rug.


Whichever cleaning you choose, the question remains, which company to choose for rug cleaning.

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