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Area rug cleaning gets out all the dust and dirt that vacuuming alone can miss. For rug cleaning in Boston, MA, you can rely on our rug cleaning service. We offer in-home cleaning and give free pickup and delivery for off-site cleaning services.

Before & After of Rug Cleaning Boston, MA

Your Local Area Rug Cleaning Team

Our Highly Skilled Cleaning Team

USA Clean Master offers professional rug cleaning services to its clients. Our skilled team does a wonderful job at cleaning your rugs. There are at least two reasons why we are sure on this.

1) Our techs have years of experience and can deal with any kind of material. From Persian and Oriental heirlooms to synthetic rugs, these trained rug cleaners can remove stains from any centerpiece.

2) The best part, all of our team members are certified experts. These specialists perform each step with great care to make sure that nothing causes any harm to your valuable rug. No matter how tough a stain might be, we can remove it without damaging the surface. So the next time you accidentally spill something on your expensive rug, get our team's help. They will resolve the issue in the shortest time and with the best possible results.

Once you hire us, you won't need anyone else.


We Clean Area Rugs, Persian Rugs, and Oriental Rugs

One cannot clean all kinds of rugs with the same solution. Thus, we use specific cleaning solutions to bring out the best in your rug. USA Clean Master rug cleaning company in Boston, MA specializes in providing cleaning services for the following categories:

  • Area Rugs
    Area rugs bring a room together but need to be cleaned regularly. Our area rug cleaning includes removal of dirt and debris, followed by application of cleaning solution. Once the spots have been removed, we wash them and remove excess water.
  • Persian Rugs
    Persian centerpieces are very expensive and delicate. Thus, we start with vacuuming the rug and then perform color testing to make sure that no chemical harms the exterior of the rug. Our cleaners use special shampoos to clear off stains and spots.
  • Oriental Rugs
    Just like Persian pieces, oriental rugs also require timely cleaning. By availing of our oriental rug cleaning services, you can extend the lifespan of your old rug. The cleaning process for these rugs includes vacuuming, cleaning, drying, and sanitizing if needed.


Cleaning in Our Facility (Offsite)

Having your rugs cleaned at our rug cleaning company in Boston, Massachusetts, will bring you more benefits than an on-site cleaning. The positives are as follows:

Different Methods Including Machine and Hand Washing

Our company uses various cleaning methods to remove dirt from the inner layers of your rugs. It includes hand washing and machine washing. For delicate silk or expensive Persian rugs, we opt for the hand-washing method. Whereas, area rugs and other general category rugs are washed in special machines. However, if the client wants, they can choose the type of washing method.

Your Local Area Rug Cleaning Team

Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Once you choose us, you needn't worry about stain removal. Our equipment can handle all kinds of spots and stains. From coffee marks to food stains, our machinery removes spots as though they were never there.

Different Cleaning Techniques

Along with deep cleaning, we offer steam cleaning solutions as well. Clients can choose a suitable method themselves or discuss the pros and cons of each method with our experts.

Non-Toxic Supplies

Using eco-friendly solutions is our priority. All of the chemicals used in our factories are non-toxic. They do not emit any type of harmful fumes nor affect the environment.

Natural Drying Process

To keep your rugs smooth, we dry each piece naturally. Instead of heating them or drying them with electrical devices, we dry them in a climate-controlled area, for best effectiveness. It keeps the pile of your rugs soft.


We Can Clean Your Rugs in Your Home Too!

Along with the off-site cleaning option, we offer on-site cleaning as well. Have your rugs cleaned near you at affordable rates. For this task, we send a team of technicians to your home. They clean all the rugs on the spot. They bring all the necessary supplies and equipment with them. Thus, clients only need to sit and observe while our team manages it all. Your rugs are checked, dusted, and washed right in front of your eyes.


Free Rug Cleaning Price Estimates in Boston, MA

We believe in flexible scheduling and can even come on the same day. Call us at 617-532-0630 or just fill out our quick form and get a super fast estimate.

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