Rug Cleaning Minneapolis, MN

Onsite or offsite, the best care for your rug

Rug Cleaning is one of Usa Clean Master most wanted services. People now days are aware of the added value of rugs on their living room or porch but also are aware of their area rug's ability to filter the air we breath.

Our rug cleaning service in Minneapolis, MN is one our finest and biggest achievements. We have a unique, professional rug cleaning center which can repair and clean any sort of rug you might have.

Your Local Cleaning Team

Different rugs and fibers need professional and experienced hands to treat them or they can be damaged easily. Our professional technicians are specially trained for any sort of rug and have years of experience in handling thousands of rugs.

Call us today and register to our membership plan and enjoy special rates on Rug Cleaning and more.

So, contact us at 612-605-5610 and let our experts work their magic to rid your rugs off these irritating stains.

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