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At USA Clean Master, we provide professional rug cleaning services in Houston, Texas. With years of hands-on industry experience in commercial and residential rug cleaning, many of our clients have availed of our services. Some of the benefits of hiring us for your area rug cleaning include:

  • Industry specialists with years of hands-on experience in rug cleaning;
  • Timely and hassle-free service;
  • Use of non-toxic and eco-friendly solutions and hi-tech equipment;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Guaranteed quality without risk of damage to your rug.


Your Local Cleaning Team

Our rug cleaning services

At USA Clean Master, we offer a wide variety of rug cleaning services. Our most popular services are:

  • Commercial and residential rug cleaning;
  • Onsite or offsite rug cleaning;
  • We can take care of all kinds of rugs and materials including synthetic, wool, silk, and special or luxury rugs.

Furthermore, all of our services are completed with the use of green cleaning solutions that are toxic-free and eco-friendly for added health benefits and increased rug longevity.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

When it comes to rug cleaning, there are many inefficient ways to do it. However, here is the typical step by step process for our rug cleaning service that guarantees excellent results.

Step 1. The first step from the process includes thorough vacuuming on both sides to remove any particles on the surface.

Step 2. After that, our green cleaning solutions will be applied thoroughly into the rug and the cleaning will begin.

Step 3. After the rug has been thoroughly cleaned, an inspection will be conducted to ensure that it is up to standard and that excellent results have been achieved.

Step 4. The rug will be rinsed with water and freed of any cleaning solutions and any remaining dirt extracted from the rug during the cleaning process.

Step 5. The rug will be thoroughly dried and brushed with the help of hi-tech equipment.

Step 6. Before the final inspection, the rug will be vacuumed again.

Step 7. A final inspection will be made to ensure that everything is up to our promised standard.

If you have a rug that is made of a fabric or material that requires special attention, our rug cleaning specialists will be sure to use the appropriate technique for the type of rug that you own.

For example, if your rug is made out of wool, which is much more sensitive to damage, our experts will not use any equipment that is forceful and can damage the quality, softness, and visual appeal of the fabric.

Why Hire USA Clean Master For Your Rug Cleaning?

Over the years, we as a team have gained immense reputation and satisfaction from all of our clients which availed of our commercial and private oriental rug cleaning services. We have everything from the right equipment, to eco-friendly cleaning solutions and trained staff to successfully deliver upon our clients' rug cleaning needs.

And so, if you have a rug that hasn't been professionally cleaned in a while, don't hesitate and call us at 713-344-0458 or click the button "Order Service Now" to schedule an appointment with our rug cleaners at your convenient time.

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