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Easiest to Clean

There are two main components that make a rug or even a carpet easy to clean. The first and most critical element is its reaction to moisture. Since professional rug and carpet cleaning utilizes large quantities of water, it is essential that rugs respond well to wetness. Nylon, a man made synthetic imitation of wool, is a very good example of a fiber that not only responds well to water but also to being scrubbed for stain removal. The second component to consider is the pile cut. We recommend cut piles because they both maintain their pile shape and respond well to washing (moisture). The water extraction process is more quicker than in piles which are left uncut, like for example, in Berber rugs. Polyester and Olfefin are both excellent examples of rug fibers that are easily maintained, however we should note that they do differ in their response to traffic and should not be considered one in the same.

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Most Difficult to Clean

What's a good example of history repeating itself? Well, if the resurgence of the shag rug isn't a good example, then we don't know what is. Famous for its association with the 1960's and hippie culture, this deep pile carpet is notoriously difficult to clean. Aside from requiring additional rug cleaning tools, like specialized grooming rakes, the shag rug also requires a great deal of manual scrubbing, making it not only the most difficult to clean but also one of the most expensive to clean as well. The drying times can be up to 3 times the amount of other rug fibers and require more frequent cleaning due to their penchant for stains, soil, and bacteria build up.

Most Environmental

In this day in age almost all of our conveniences are available in a green friendly form, so why should rugs be any different? Let us introduce the paper rug. Sound environmentally friendly? It is. Sound a bit unreliable and temporary? It is. Simply by virtue of its material, paper rugs seemingly can not serve their sole purpose. First of all, they do not stand up to dirt, soil, and bacteria like other rugs do. In fact, in order to keep them holding up they must be vacuumed every day. Stain removal is also problematic for paper rugs because these rugs can not come in contact with any form of liquid, including cleaning solutions. The only way to remove that dried up tomato sauce stain is to literally scrape it off with the sharp edge of a kitchen knife. Lastly, paper rugs are what we like to call entirely flammable. We at USA Clean Master have a whole service dedicated to fire damage restoration because it occurs more often than you might think. We can restore any carpet or rug with fire or water damage, which is why we laugh at a paper rug that can not withstand any of these elements.

Most Expensive

Did you know that in June, 2013, for just under 34 million dollars you could have bought the world's most expensive carpet? At $700 per inch, this 'sickle-leaf, vine scrolled' carpet rolls out to dimensions of 8'9 x 6'5. Originating in or around Kerman, Persia in the first half of the 17th century, this carpet comes from the Nazmiyal Collection and was sold at Sotheby's in New York as the most expensive carpet ever sold. We're all dying to know who the buyers were but as of now they remain anonymous.

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