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Rug Cleaning Then and Now

The art of rug weaving and rug cleaning is as old as the earliest civilizations. Today owning a beautiful area rug is symbolic of luxury and prestige but there was a day when rugs were a simple household necessity for protecting against the outside elements. While the value of rugs might have changed over the years, cleanliness and proper care of rugs have always been essential to a rug's beauty and longevity.

Rug cleaning refers to the processes of removing allergens, sand, grit, dirt, and stains from a rug. For centuries the cleaning of rugs involved taking the rugs out and quite literally beating dust and dried soil out of them. The problem with this method, aside from being entirely exhausting, was that it was not that effective since the amount of dust removed from a rug was totally dependent on the strength and endurance of a particular individual. Today removing dried soil and dust is only the first of many additional steps taken during the rug cleaning cycle and is carried out by a vibrating portable duster which is moved back and forth across the front and back of the rug. This step ensures that the following cleaning steps are not impeded by unnecessary filth and complete sanitation is achieved.

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How We Clean

Many modern day area rugs can be cleaned using the steam cleaning method, which is also used on carpets and is the most effective way of assuring a rug (or carpet) is sanitary and disinfected.

Specialty rugs, like Oriental and Persian rugs (and woven, braided, fur, etc.) call for a more intensive cleaning process which takes more time, requires a trained hand, and includes various specialized cleaning equipment located off-site. At our facility, in addition to qualified cleaning technicians, USA Clean Master also employs experienced rug weavers capable of repairing fringes and worn out or faded patches. With our selection of fibers and dyes available on hand, regular maintenance and repair of your rug does not have to be a hassle since we both pick up and deliver your rugs at no additional cost.

The frequency of how often you should clean your rug depends on how dirty your rug gets with its everyday traffic. Rugs in homes with pets and children are naturally more inclined to be soiled and stained and the more frequent you clean your rug the sturdier it will maintain. A simple lift test can give you an idea of where your rug is on the dirty scale. Pick up a corner and shake your rug. If any dust or soil fly up, your rug is a candidate for rug cleaning.

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