Rug Cleaning in Fort Lee, NJ

Onsite or offsite, the best care for your rug

Is your rug infested with dust, mold, or other debris, and you desire to have it sparkling clean like new?
Perhaps it's even smelly, and it's your wish to get all the unpleasant odor out? If this is your situation, you don't have to worry anymore;
USA Clean Master is here to help you restore your rug to its former glory!

When it comes to cleaning any rug in Fort Lee, NJ, USA Clean Master is second to none. We clean different types of area rugs, from Oriental and Tibetan to Persian, from rugs with natural fibers to synthetic rugs. So, whether it's a small area rug or a large living room rug, the only thing you have to do is call us; we'll get them all cleaned.

Before & After of Rug Cleaning Fort Lee, NJ

Your Local Area Rug Cleaning Team

Your Local Area Rug Cleaning Team

The Services We Offer for Cleaning Rugs

We offer on-site and off-site rug cleaning services. Once called for a job, our specialists inspect the specified rug to determine which of the two options will be good for you.


On-site Rug Cleaning

If your rug is not that dirty, we can help you clean it right at your home, church, office, or anywhere else without damaging your floors. With our tested and time-proven strategies, we can clean any rug right on the spot. We've got the equipment and human resources to make this happen.

The following processes are involved in the on-site rug cleaning.

  • Our team comes to your home to inspect the rug, and after the inspection, they would discuss the process with you. They would carry out proper documentation too, for official and reference purposes.
  • The team will go ahead to move your light furniture (where need be) and other objects that may want to stand in the way.
  • The rug is then steamed and dry cleaned right with caution so that your floor can be left intact. In cases of hardwood, the rug is moved to another surface that can take better withstand water.
  • Note that some "before" and "after" photos would be taken by the team too, just for record purposes.


Off-site Area Rug Cleaning

This service option is usually recommended for rugs that need thorough and deep cleaning. It usually involves the pick-up and drop-off of rugs by our team of rug specialists. It entails the following:

  • Once earmarked for this service, our team come to your place to collect the rug and discuss with you the process. Also, they would do every necessary paperwork.
  • Please, roll the rug beforehand so our techs can take it back to our cleaning station.
  • The rug is rid of sand and accumulated soil and then soaked for deep cleaning, after which it is dried. Depending on your rug type, other cleaning methods can be applied.
  • After it is dry again and brushed, we would bring it back to your place and have it placed as you desire if needed.
  • Also, note that some "before" and "after" photos would be taken by the team too, just for record purposes.

Learn more about our professional rug cleaning services in the blog article: What is Off-site and On-site Rug Cleaning and Which One to Choose


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We have surpassed our customers' expectations for over fifteen years by rendering professional rug cleaning services in and around Fort Lee, New Jersey and beyond. Our expertise, thoroughness, and affordability have made us stand out from our competition. Please don't give your rugs to any random person to clean for you; they don't understand the intricacies. We are only a dial away; call us now at 201-582-3310!

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