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Rug Cleaning Oakland brings back the spark to your life. We offer you the best oriental and synthetic rug cleaning in Oakland and neighbors. USA Clean Master is our head office, the model of which we follow and standards that we hold. Call 510-868-1186 to get your rugs cleaned with us. Dispatch point: 8th St, Oakland, CA 94607.

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Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are considered to be more delicate than other rugs. When treating them, you need to pay close attention to details. The wrong method or product could damage the quality, value and authentic of the rug. For this reason, Rug Cleaning Oakland advises you to get your rugs professionally cleaned.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs are the most popular among all rugs. They are relatively inexpensive and easier to clean. Rug Cleaning Oakland recommends you to check first the manufacture's label and follow its instructions. However, in case of deep stains or bad odor, professional treatment is inevitable.

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