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USA Clean Master's Agoura Hills technicians are craftsmen, bringing a high level of detail and expertise to every carpet and fine Oriental rug they clean. With the latest carpet cleaning technology at their disposal, our carpet cleaners select the most appropriate method for each and every carpet, whether for our customers' homes or for their commercial properties.

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Steam Cleaning and Stain Removal

Many customers request our carpet steam cleaning method, as the hot water does a superior job of removing ground-in dirt and dust. Using truck mount equipment, the best professional extractors on the market, we are able to get many of today's wall-to-wall synthetic carpets unbelievably clean, even those carpets so stained that the original color is gone.

Our secret is our arsenal of stain removal treatments, which can address as many stain types as you can imagine, from red wine and permanent marker to pet stains and high traffic areas. We are proud of our carpet cleaning and stain removal skills, earned honestly by cleaning numerous carpets in Agoura Hills's County and the Greater Conejo Valley.

Carpet Cleaning and Your Health

If carpet cleaning were just about great looking carpet, any carpet cleaner would do. Just add professional equipment and carpet cleaning solutions, and go. The fact is that carpet cleaning may be important for your health, especially if you or someone you love has indoor allergies or asthma. USA Clean Master uses the best methods to clean bacteria, microbes and allergens out of your carpets, to keep you as healthy as possible.

It also means choosing the right kind of cleaning solutions. Chemical cleaners get carpet clean, but what about the residue they leave behind? We offer non-irritating, eco-friendly cleansers for the best in carpet green cleaning.

Meeting Every Cleaning Need

For commercial and residential properties alike, there is no one like USA Clean Master. Our menu of cleaning services meets every professional cleaning need, from carpet and upholstery to hardwood floor refinishing and air duct cleaning.

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