Process of Our Mold Remediation Services
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Process of Our Mold Remediation Services

Mold Remediation Steps

Everyone understands the importance of mold remediation. But not all of our customers are aware about the steps of professional mold removal and clean-up services. This article is dedicated to this exact topic. Learn more about the entire process before making an appointment.


What are the steps of mold remediation? What does each step include?

1. Call from Client

The very first step of the mold removal process is to call for help. You need to contact the nearby remediation team to eradicate the problem. It's necessary to call someone experienced because mold clean-up is not an easy task. It takes a lot of chemicals and methods to completely get rid of mold from your homes. Once we know your situation, we can provide the best possible solutions.


2. The Inspection Phase

Professional mold clean-up procedures include inspection of the contaminated area. Until and unless the mold removal team isn't sure about the severity of the situation, they do not start with the task. The team locates the source of the problem. Usually, mold grows in moist places. Bathrooms, basements, and sink cabinets are the common places where mold can appear. So, if you don't see mold but suspect its presence, the team starts the inspection on these areas before moving to any other room. Technicians locate the area with elevated moisture content by using special moisture meters.


3. Assessing Mold Damage

Once the team is certain about the extent of damage, they start making a suitable plan about how to get rid of the mold. For this purpose, the mold removal team makes sure that their assessment is correct. After gaining confirmation about their findings, they work on different things like:

  • Which remediation techniques to use?
  • Which cleaning chemicals to use?
  • Where to start from?

Along with the answer to these questions, the remediation plan also tells whether homeowners need to relocate or not.


4. Containment Area Set-Up

Cleaning specialists not only focus on mold clean-up service but also make certain, that the spores do not spread. The main aim of calling such people is to have your home mold-free. Therefore, our experts perform all necessary steps to save you and your residences' non-infected areas from contamination. Mold spreads quickly in moist conditions, so the infected patch is isolated. All the unaffected rooms and walls are covered with polythene sheeting. Through isolation, other areas remain safe.


5. Air Filtration / Air Clean Up

It's easy for spores to spread in the air. Therefore, along with the contaminated space, the air needs to be cleaned as well. Air filtration is a mandatory part of these remediation steps. Using negative air machines and HEPA filters, mold spores are removed from the ductwork and HVAC system. These machines remove dust and allergens as well.


6. Mold Demolition

Often at times, people need to remove the entire interior affected with mold to permanently get rid of the issue. From drywalls to carpets and even furniture, anything can be affected by mold. So you will need to remove them if required. Of course, this is done when the damage is beyond repairable.


7. Cleaning and Sanitizing

Using powerful chemicals all the mold spores and patches are cleared off. Any area showing signs of mold is thoroughly cleaned. To clean up the mold, technicians wipe with a rag the area and then use detergent solutions. Sometimes scrubbing is needed to make sure that no spores remain on the infected patch. Once the patch is visibly clean, it is allowed to dry. During the drying process, the remaining moisture also vanishes. After completing the task, a team of cleaners sanitizes the entire area. Through sanitization, all the remaining spores are killed.


8. Restoration Phase

After completing all the steps, it's time to place things back. The technicians remove the coverings and material from the premises.


Contact the Best Mold Remediation Company Near You

Living with mold is harmful to your health. You need to call a professional for mold removal in home or commercial facility. Therefore, USA Clean Master provides you with quality services. Our residential and commercial mold restoration services are worth a try. You can call our team at any hour, and we will reach your home within the shortest possible time.

We arrange all the equipment ourselves, so you don't need to do anything. All you need to do is give us a call or schedule an appointment according to your convenience. We have the best solutions for our clients. Call 888-396-5195.


FAQs and Answers about Mold and Remediation


 Can You Live in a House with Mold?

Living with mold is not a good idea, especially if you want a healthy life. Mold spores cause harm to the respiratory system. From a swollen throat to coughing, wheezing, and much more, anything can be caused by the presence of mold in your home. Individuals suffering from asthma are at a greater risk. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to clean up mold before the situation gets out of hand. A contaminated house is not worth living within. Such an atmosphere is dangerous for you and your family. Even your home is at risk because mold spores damage the structure of your property. Since this mold won't go away on its own, you need to call for a professional help.

 How Many Days do Mold Spores Take to Settle?

The spread of mold depends on a lot of things, like the type of mold and the conditions of your home or office. At higher temperatures, mold grows more quickly. A high temperature and moist conditions are ideal for mold spores to grow rapidly. On average, mold spores take about 24 to 48 hours to grow and spread in the air. After a week, these spores form colonies and become visible in the form of patches. Some types of mold take more time to show. So, instead of a week, it can up to two weeks. However, one thing is evident that if a place has moisture, the chances of infection increase exponentially. When such areas are not treated within the right time, the mold spreads to other parts as well.

 How Long does Mold Remediation Take?

Professional mold cleanup and remediation procedures take from one to a few days. The exact number of days depends on the quantity of mold and the number of rooms affected. If the mold is present behind walls or in basements, then the process takes longer. For homes and offices suffering from an extreme mold outbreak, the remediation can take up to five to six days. Whereas, mold restoration of places with limited mold growth takes a day or two. You can save yourself from property damage by contacting the mold remediation company at the right time.

 Is It Possible to Remain in Your House During the Remediation Process?

In most scenarios, homeowners do not need to move out of their homes during the mold restoration process. However, it also depends on the severity of the situation. If just one room or a basement is contaminated with mold, you can stay within your house. Technicians will isolate the affected area and seal it with plastic walls or duct tape. Thus, this area will not be within your reach. If you can manage in such a house, then there is no need to move anywhere. On the contrary, if the entire place is affected by mold spores, then you might need to relocate.

 Can Mold Come Back after Remediation?

People often think about what happens during mold remediation or will the mold come back. These are some relevant concerns because mold can return. You might be excited once the mold is gone. However, it's important to opt for preventive measures so that such a problem doesn't reoccur. If you are not careful, the chance of another outbreak is possible. There is nothing to fear. By taking the correct steps, you can save your residence from recurring mold issues. All that you need to do is keep out the moisture and maintain your home. The best thing to do is save your place from water damage. Once humidity and moisture are in control, you won't face any issues in the future.

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