A Few Facts About Mold and DIY Mold Removal Myths
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A Few Facts About Mold and DIY Mold Removal Myths

Mold and Myths About Its Removal That We Still Believe

At USA Clean Master, we are committed to ensuring that our clients can enjoy dirt-free, germ-free, and contamination-free lives by offering affordable cleaning and mold removal services. First, however, there are a few things you should know about mold.



Mold: What Is It?

Mold is a fungus that thrives on moisture and food sources like wood and decaying plants. Indoors, mold survives on damp wood, fabrics, and concrete surfaces. However, it feeds off decomposing plants when they grow outdoors.

Mold spreads through spores and attaches deep into their hosts via roots, called rhizoids, through which they sap moisture and nutrients for survival. Hence, you will almost always find mold growing in damp areas of your home or business.


What Causes Mold?

Mold spreads through their spores which are present in negligible amounts in outdoor air and are similar to pollen found in flowers. How then do mold spores get into homes and business spaces? What causes mold in a house?

Mold spores are often carried into indoor spaces through air flow, or they hitch a ride on clothing or pet furs. Once these spores settle indoors, they can quickly form new mold colonies when they find moisture and ample food sources. So, if you have a dampness in your living space, it would only be a matter of days for mold to start growing there.


What Are the Types of Mold?

There are different species of mold, and each species has its unique color, appearance, and growth period. Mold can also be classified into allergenic, pathogenic, and toxic molds. One thing though that each mold category has in common is that it should be avoided as much as possible.


What Should You Understand When Mold Has Already Appeared?

Mold infestation is usually not noticeable until physical mold structures start to appear. However, you can contact USA Clean Master to run thorough mold testing and inspection on your property, as mold can already be present even before you notice mold symptoms.

Nevertheless, you can identify the presence of mold by the musty, damp, earthy, or stale smell peculiar to the release of microbial volatile organic compounds by this fungus. You can also detect the presence of mold by looking out for its physical structures and the health reactions from mold exposure.


Myths About Homemade Mold Removal Solutions

Mold appears on both porous and non-porous surfaces. It grows and feeds on walls, furniture, floors, and damp surfaces by spreading rhizoids into their hosts. As a result, many homemade mold removal solutions you find on the internet have minimal effects on mold. Therefore, they cannot be used as a replacement for professional mold removal services.

Instead, some of these DIY solutions only damage your property, worsen the mold spread, and expose you to continued health implications due to mold exposure.

Take a look at the effects of some homemade mold removal solutions:

  1. Bleach: It doesn't kill mold, but corrodes your surfaces and damages the colors of your belongings.
  2. Table Vinegar: It doesn't destroy mold, but damages the fibers of your carpet and leaves a foul smell in your home.
  3. Citric Acid or Juice: Its low pH corrodes wood, carpets, and other furniture, but doesn't kill mold.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide: It does not cause harm or damage, but doesn't kill mold either.
  5. Baking Soda: Same thing here - no damage, but also no benefit.
  6. Essential Oils: These leave stains that can't be removed, but it is also ineffective against mold.


How Can You Remove the Smell of Mold Spores?

You cannot eliminate the smell accompanying mold spores if you do not get rid of the spores themselves. But mold spores are microscopic. How then do you remove them completely? Actually, this is the point where professional mold removal and remediation comes in.

At USA Clean Master, our mold experts use sophisticated solvents to remove mold growth from your premises. We also remediate items and areas that have been affected by mold infestation to stop the spread of mold. Afterward, we use high-tech cleaning equipment to scrub the air to remove existing mold spores and prevent further infestation.


How Can You Make Sure that Mold Does Not Appear Again?

The surest way to make certain mold does not appear again after mold abatement is to hire the services of a cleaning company like USA Clean Master. For mold remediation to be successful, the moisture source must be determined and eliminated. Items infested by mold will be salvaged for maximum mold prevention.

Some items that are not redeemable may need to be replaced, while others may be completely dismantled to eliminate mold. Mold removal experts will also use disinfectants to kill the spores that were not wholly scrubbed out during the mold remediation process. This helps prevent

Do you want to know more about how professionals remediate mold? Visit this page to learn more: Complete Mold Removal Process

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