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Complete Guide to the World of Carpet Types and Cleaning Methods

Carpet Types and Their Cleaning Methods

Transforming a place into your home requires hard work and investment. As a homeowner, you add several items, including upholstery, wallpaper, and expensive equipment to make yourself comfortable. Just like other items, there is another thing that makes your home interior complete, and that is carpets. Placing a magnificent floor cover in each room adds to the area's beauty.

You will find numerous types of carpets in markets near you. From synthetic to polyester and woven carpets, each one is equally beautiful. But how to choose amongst the long list? Here are a few characteristics that may help you choose the right carpeting for your needs.


Carpet Characteristics

Carpets are usually classified by:

  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Styles
  • Texture
  • Weaving types
  • Fiber materials

Let's take a more detailed look on these characteristics.

Carpet Colors and Patterns

Colors and patterns are so numerous that their beauty is in eye of the beholder. You're bound to find one that you like, as well as one you don't.

Carpet Styles

Under carpet style people determine the form of pile. There are two main types of pile:

  • Cut pile: the ends of the carpet are trimmed.
  • Looped pile: loop fibers are not cut.

Carpet Textures

The most popular textures are:

  • Saxony carpet
  • Twist carpet
  • Woven carpet
  • Berber carpet
  • Velvet carpet

Weaving Types

Under types of weave, there are tufted and woven carpets. Woven carpets are considered more durable and are usually more expensive as well.

Carpet Fiber Materials

Carpet fibers can be made from synthetic materials, natural materials, or a blend of both. Among the most common nowadays are:

  • Synthetic carpets: These are relatively easier to maintain. Having a synthetic floor covering means you can be free of worries that your carpets will be stained.
  • Wool carpets: Another good addition to your home is a wool carpet. Nothing beats wool in terms of texture, style, and comfort. These are also easy to clean but need more vacuuming.
  • Acrylic carpets: If you need a substitute for wool, go with acrylic options.
  • Nylon carpets: Nylon is one of the options which suits every setting.

However, when picking a carpet for your dining room or TV lounge, before choosing a style or type, see whether it can blend in with other components of your home or not. Check the softness and resistance of the carpet. If it's easier to maintain, it will be less of a hassle to take care of it.

Even though all characteristics have equal significance, the carpet style, fiber materials, durability, tactile feel, and comfort top the list. You can make your home more welcoming by selecting an appropriate carpet. A poor selection will be of no benefit.


Common Methods of Professional Carpet Cleaning

As pretty as these carpets look in your home, maintaining them is exhausting. Without timely cleaning, your carpets lose their appearance and shine. So you should choose professional cleaning methods for your precious carpets. Some cleaning methods are:

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

When it comes to safe cleaning, nothing can be more beneficial than steam cleaning or hot water extraction. With this process, professionals direct high-pressured heated water and detergents toward the dirty carpets. The high temperature and high-pressure water penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and removes all tough stains. So this is the perfect option for delicate carpets.


The second method used for cleaning dirty carpets is shampooing. You can't rely on vacuuming alone to keep your carpets clean. Whether your carpet has wine stains or high traffic marks, shampooing will clean it. If you shampoo your carpets frequently, they never lose their original shine.

Encapsulation (Dry Cleaning)

Encapsulation is the perfect option to clean carpets in a short time frame. You can use this method for commercial and residential carpets. The cleaning method involves using a special encapsulating cleaner that has polymers. These polymers trap and crystalize dirt particles.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

In bonnet cleaning, technicians use a rotary floor machine having pads soaked in cleaning solutions. As an expert moves the device across the carpet, the cleaning pads remove dirt and dust. With bonnet cleaning, your carpets' life extends significantly.

With USA Clean Master, you can choose whichever of these cleaning solutions will do the best for your carpet. Our team performs each method with perfection.


Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks from USA Clean Master

Cleaning your wall-to-wall carpet is a tiring job. However, not cleaning them frequently makes them lose their shine. Thus, carpet cleaning service is essential if you don't want to lose these expensive pieces. Along with timely cleaning, people should also pay attention to cleaning methods. Without knowing how to clean carpets regularly, one cannot clean stains. Furthermore, an incorrect cleaning method causes harm to your carpets. So learning the right tips and tricks is essential.

The first point to consider is the duration. You might wonder how often one should clean carpets. Well, our experts recommend vacuuming your floor coverings every week. Floor coverings sustain a high volume of traffic. But vacuuming itself is not enough, so give the carpet a thorough wash every half a year, but remember to hire a professional for that. Using DIY methods or unknown cleaners might result in damage. From coffee stains to wine stains and grease stains, correct methods remove all the marks.

When thinking of cleaning carpets, remember to:

  1. Check the chemicals in advance to avoid unwanted reactions.
  2. Do color checks.
  3. Use cleaners according to the carpet type.

When you keep these tips in mind, your carpets will stay in great condition for years.


Benefits of Having a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having a professional cleaner to handle your carpets is the best option. Often individuals prefer cleaning carpets themselves, but end up making a bigger mess. Therefore, we recommend you hire experts for the job. It's easy to find professional carpet cleaning near you. At USA Clean Master, we have an entire team of cleaners offering various services at the most affordable rates. With our professionals, you can save time, improve the condition of your carpets, increase their lifespan, and get rid of all nasty stains.

The best part is you won't have to arrange any chemicals or machines. Our team brings everything along. Instead of putting yourself and your expensive carpets at risk, use our professional services. Call our helpline and explain your problems in detail - 888-396-5195.

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