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Wood Floor Cleaning And Refinishing

For non North Easterners, wandering through the tree lined residential streets of Washington DC can be like taking a small visit back in time. While a modern city by every definition, the architecture of our nation's capital is a reflection of the city's timeless appeal. Many homes in the North East are characterized by beautiful wood flooring which as any homeowner knows is both a risk and an investment. While wood floors can certainly increase the value of your home, they also require regular maintenance and careful handling.

Your Local Cleaning Team

Similar to carpeting, hardwood floors also collect dust and dander from the outdoors. In both cases indoor pollution can cause serious structural damage. However unlike in carpeting, where the damage is unseen by the untrained eye, debris damage on wood floors results in visible scratches and a loss of luster and shine. Many owners of hardwood floors have tried various DIY solutions available on the internet only to find that they have created permanent damage. It's true that a vinegar water solution can help create the illusion of a cleaned wood floor, however if not done correctly or overdone over time, it can leave your floors with a very dull looking finish. Additionally, this vinegar water solution is simply for appearances, it is not able to remove residue build up left over from, perhaps, a previous DIY cleaning attempt.

Results That Last

USA Clean Master's wood floor cleaning service includes an initial sanding down stage, if required. Here our cleaning technicians will sand down any uneven areas caused by scuffs and scratches as well as any excess chemical build up left over from previous cleanings. With the help of various industrial tools, we then apply a fresh new coat of polyurethane which will both protect your floor from future scratches as well as create that freshly buffed shine you surely expect.

Our wood floor cleaning services are available for your kitchen, bathroom, your hallway or even your commercial or industrial space. As with all of our services, we offer a free over the phone or on-site price estimate for wood floor cleaning and polishing. We also offer an additional waxing service which comes very highly recommended and very nicely complements a freshly cleaned wood floor.

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