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Leaks and Spills

Water damage comes in all kinds of forms and not all cases of water damage need to look like Noah's ark. Even a simple tub overflow can evolve from just that into a heavy financial burden if not properly taken care of. In the case of a tub overflowing, water can be extracted from your bathroom carpet up until 48 hours later because this water is considered category 1: sanitary. For professionals the extraction process is quick and simple but USA Clean Masters never just stop there. Our technicians will take the time to check for any signs of possible mold or mildew growth, though the chances are unlikely.

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Flood Damage Categories 2&3

Flooding in the basement from a faulty sump pump or perhaps a washing machine malfunction can be more of a burden than a simple tub overflow. In cases like this technicians are often required to bring in dryers and dehumidifiers because there is a larger and deeper amount of water. Situations like these deteriorate faster than you might expect and if you do not have qualified technicians out to your place you might end up with the beginnings of warped walls and beams. We refer to these cases as category 2: gray water situations. Category 3: black water situations are emergency situations that will require a whole crew of cleaners. Typically water damage in category 3 is caused by unsanitary water coming from rising flood water, sewage spills or recently discovered standing water. The most immediate concern in these cases, aside from water extraction, is sanitation and disinfection. The risks of mold and other bacteria penetration are extremely high and the associated health concerns mean that it might take some time before the area gets back to normal.

Emergency Services 24/7

USA Clean Master is available 7 days a week and, of course, available for emergency services. Price estimates for water damage are a bit tricky to do over the phone but our technicians are ready to give you an on-site estimate should you request one.

Water damage is never easy and always seems to come at the most inconvenient times. We know that life's events can be unexpected so we never turn down a client, no matter what time, no matter what holiday. In times like these sometimes you just need to hand over the work to a professional so why not make it USA Clean Master.

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