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Whether water damage comes from an indoor water leak or from a storm, you need to get dry again and fast.

Rely on your local water damage restoration team in Fort Lee, NJ. We respond quickly so you can get your home dry again ASAP.

Before & After of Water Damage Restoration in Fort Lee, NJ

Your Local Water Damage Restoration Team

Your Local Water Damage Restoration Team

The Entire Process of Our Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

Step 1. Emergency Call.

The very first thing to do is call our professionals for effective water removal services in Fort Lee, NJ. They will ask you to explain the situation to have an idea about the extent of the damage. This information helps them respond to the emergency in a better way. With the help of the information, they will reach your location in the shortest time to solve the crisis.

Step 2. Inspection and Water Mitigation.

Our water damage restoration company sends over a team that inspects the area to be certain about the damage. A thorough inspection reveals all areas and materials damaged by the water intrusion. Our technicians carefully inspect the entire premises to determine which areas require a cleanup. Damage can be of different types. It can be minimal where the water only touches the flooring of some rooms. At the other end of the extreme, if the volume of water is more than normal or causes short-circuiting in the house, then the damage is extensive. Thus, water mitigation depends on the type of damage.

Step 3. Water Removal and Extraction.

A necessary step of the emergency flood damage cleanup is water extraction. Standing water needs to be removed before it causes any kind of irreversible damage to the property. Especially for houses with wooden flooring, water can create havoc. Using powerful pumps and vacuums, our team removes all the water from your house. From rooms to the basement, wherever the water is accumulated, we clear it out using industrial-grade modern water-extracting equipment. These pumps remove water from every tiny corner and perform the process quickly. Letting water stay indoors where it doesn't belong causes the growth of various bacteria and mold. So, homeowners need to hire help as soon as the issue starts. With our team's support, you can protect your house and belongings in New Jersey.

Step 4. Drying the Entire Area.

With the completion of the water extraction process, it’s time to dry the wet areas. Professional water damage cleaning services make sure that your property is completely dry. Water vapors left behind are dried with the help of dehumidification. Special equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers are utilized to target the difficult areas. Without proper dehumidification, moisture starts to accumulate within the house. This moisture supports the growth of mildew and mold. Therefore, our flood clean-up company puts in extra effort to remove water from your household. It minimizes the chances of a mold outbreak and keeps you protected.

Step 5. Final Water and Flood Damage Cleaning.

To be sure that all the water is cleared out, our specialists check the property once again. They look in every corner and make sure that no water or vapors remain. From your upholstery to the walls and carpets, everything is inspected thoroughly. Our technicians do not want to leave behind any excess water. In some cases, our cleaners even dry the entire area twice if needed, to be sure. After gaining surety, our experts start packing the cleaning equipment.

Step 6. Sanitizing and Mold Prevention (if needed).

Our emergency water damage cleanup company performs sanitization if needed or requested by the client. Flooding can affect your belongings like furniture, carpeting, and other personal items. Since this water may have germs and microbes, one needs to sanitize everything before using it. No matter what type of damage you sustain, sanitizing is always a good option. You might not be able to see the microbes, but their presence is undeniable. Moreover, if the leaking water in your home is grey or black, then sanitizing becomes a mandatory step. Black and grey water have various toxins and bacteria which can only be killed with the help of antimicrobial supplies. Through sanitization, you can save your homes from mold, foul odor, and toxic chemicals.

Step 7. Restoration Clean Up.

The last step of the entire water leak restoration process is restoring your home or commercial building to its original condition. It includes:

  • Removing damaged drywalls
  • Demolition of the damaged parts of walls and ceilings if needed
  • Putting things back in place
  • Final inspection with customer

We perform these tasks after making sure that your living and working space is moisture-free.


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