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Dangers Of DIY

The choice to have your upholstery cleaned is akin to the choice to dry clean your clothes. Sure, you can buy specialized cleaning detergents to dry clean your wool sweater and the outcome might be what you expected, but what if turns out to be a disaster? Not only are you out a sweater, but you are the only responsible party. No one to complain to. No manager to talk to. In short, professional upholstery cleaning would not exist as an industry if every piece of upholstery was designed to be cleaned at home. Wool, leather, corduroy, silk, velour, and certain cotton blends must be professionally cleaned. This is in part due to the fact that these particular fabrics are finicky to moisture or have a specific moisture ceiling. While you might be cleaning your upholstery under trial and error, a cleaning technician is by definition trained to identify particular fiber types and to match these fiber types with the most fitting cleaning solution.

Your Local Cleaning Team

Our Upholstery Cleaning Methods

USA Clean Master utilizes both the steam and dry cleaning methods for upholstery cleaning, depending on the specific fabric in question. Often times the removal of stains requires a certain, regulated amount of water in combination with a precise amount of cleaning solution. Other times the foam method might be employed. Whichever method we use employs professional strength products and appliances with a USA Clean Master pro so there is no risk involved.

Beyond Just Beautiful

The benefits of upholstery cleaning go beyond aesthetics, though this appears to be many people's initial concern. In addition to bringing back faded colors as well as softening up hardened spots, professional upholstery cleaning removes dust and bacteria piled up in hard to reach corners, automatically improving your indoor air quality. Carpet and upholstery cleaning go hand in hand because they have the similar goal of refreshening your indoor living space. In our eyes the only home good enough for our loved ones is a bacteria free one. We think you feel the same. We accomplish this goal by using the most environmentally friendly products available on the commercial market because we believe the extra effort is worth it.

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