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Upholstery Cleaning San Diego is part of USA Clean Master in the golden state of California. If you are looking for one of a kind cleaning service, you just struck gold. Our expert crew of people is here for your every need. So don't hesitate, call and get a free estimate. Call 619-866-6128 to find out more about our special deals and services in San Diego.

Cleaning Equipment

Professional cleaning equipment is important for getting the best results possible. Upholstery Cleaning San Diego keeps the most advanced and cutting-edge cleaning equipment in the business. Every cleaning starts with vacuuming the soiled spots. Our high pressure and power vacuum cleaner quickly and thoroughly suck the dust and dirt, deep inside the upholstery. Even then you will see a difference and your sofa or mattress will look much cleaner than before the vacuuming.

Your Local Cleaning Team

Safe Cleaning

Safe cleaning is important to us. Upholstery Cleaning San Diego avoids any form of cleaning that may cause harm to your child or pet. We assure you that every method that we use is non-toxic, carefully tested and safe. Our hot water extraction method uses a very diluted detergent solution so after the cleaning is done no chemicals will remain inside the upholstery.

In case you decided to clean your house yourself, San Diego Upholstery Cleaning has some safe cleaning tips for you. Open the windows so you won't trap the air you bread inside the house. Remember to always wear globes in order to reduce contact with the cleaning products you are using. Also, try natural cleaning alternatives such as vinegar or baking soda to avoid chemical products.

Upholstery Cleaning San Diego is the first choice when it comes to residential and commercial cleaning. Call USA Clean Master at 619-866-6128 to get the spark back in your house.

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