Upholstery Cleaning Sacramento, CA

You won't believe the difference clean furniture makes

USA Clean Master is coming to Sacramento. We are happy to inform you that we've created a professional upholstery cleaning team for your service. Our cleaning services are now available to all of Sacramento and nearby areas, so if your upholstery doesn't seems new as it use to be this is the time to give us a call 916-760-8621.

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Your Local Cleaning Team

Professional cleaning

Everyone knows that the most used furniture in the house such as the couch, sofa and chairs are likely to be the dirtiest, yet not everyone cleans them as they should be. Sure you can always wipe them up with a slightly wet mop or a special brush, but it will never be the same as a professionals work. We use deep hot water cleaning with the newest equipment that gets in the center of your upholstery and solves the problem while other methods just take care of the symptoms.

Our point of view

There is a new service in town. USA Clean Master believes we all need to have our comfort zone after a hard day at work and therefore will help you feel more comfortable in your home and live a better healthy life by making your environment cleaner for you and those around you. We won't settle for anything but the best for our customers and that's a promise. So just pick up the phone dial 916-760-8621 and let us make you feel at home again.

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