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You won't believe the difference clean furniture makes

Already Flipped Your Sofa Cushion Twice?

USA Clean Master's upholstery cleaning services in Houston treat more than slip covers and pillows, we also treat auto and boat and RV upholstery, ottomans, patio cushions, outdoor rugs, and more.

Took the pup out on the new boat and now you've got dog hair all over the place? Better call us before the wife finds out.

The kids got mud in the RV? We got you covered.

Are your movie theater seats full of popcorn and candy? Our vacuums can get to even the tiniest spots.

Have furniture that requires a dry cleaning? We can dry or steam clean anything.

Both sides of the sofa cushion stained with soda? You'll flip when you see our results!

Found bed bugs or dust mites in your mattress? We'll zap them out.

Dining room chairs look more like they belong in a cafeteria? Our cleaning leaves no leftover residue.

Drapes lost their color? We can revive them in no time!

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Certain fabrics like silk, satin, cotton, lycra, wool, chenille, and velvet need to be dry cleaned because they each have their own individual moisture limit. But needing to be dry cleaned does not necessarily mean you must drag your leather couch to the dry cleaner. How would you do that anyway? You simply need a trained professional who is knowledgeable in a wide range of fabric types and their respective cleaning requirements. Our USA Clean Master technicians are all trained and certified to treat any of your upholstery needs on the spot and in no time. Why not have your sofa treated while we're already steaming your carpet?

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