Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Denver, CO

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Upholstery Cleaning in Denver, CO

If you enjoy your weekends as much as we do, then it's possible that all your favorite Saturday activities take place without leaving the couch. Pillows propped up with legs stretched out, a loved pet on one side and a loved human on the other, a pizza box floating somewhere in the middle. As the seasons unfold into winter, you find that almost every Saturday is dedicated to lazing around, until one sunny spring afternoon you approach your couch with caution. The couch before you no longer resemble the beautiful sectional sofa you once loved, but more of a fabric lump bearing an uncanny resemblance to your rump. Now you think to yourself that 1. Next winter you'll take up a sport (we believe you) and that 2. you should have your upholstery cleaned sooner rather than later.

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Upholstery Cleaning Using Steam

If you have had your carpet professionally cleaned, and we hope you have considering the wide ranging benefits, then you are likely already familiar with the steam cleaning method for disinfection and sanitation. Professional upholstery cleaning first and foremost removes soil and bacteria fastened to your upholstery fabric. This includes all the various extras found under the couch, from dried up spaghetti to pet dander. Stain removal is also achieved by virtue of the steam and cleaning solution combination, an especially useful service for those who have already flipped their sofa cushions twice.

A wonderful side effect of upholstery cleaning is that the process not only disinfects but also revitalizes. After we rinse our specialized cleaning solvent your colors will look brighter and your fabric fibers will stand taller, making your couch as close to brand new as you can get.

Like all of our other services, USA Clean Master employs only the highest quality and environmentally friendly products available for your safety and ours.

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