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Why scrub tiles on your knees when we can do it with ease?

The Nitty Gritty Of Grout

Grout is essentially a combination of water, cement, and sand mixed together and applied in between tiles in order to adhere them together. Grout by nature is water resistant and that is why grout usually accompanies tiles rather than, say, mortar. While grout can come in a variety of colors, it is most often found in its gray form. This attribute helps minimize the effects of long term build ups of dirt and soil which can result in an unseemly appearance of tile and grout.

Grout build ups are very common and a naturally occurring event. Some main areas that are especially prone to dirt build ups are where you would expect them to be, namely, near the fridge, under the stove, around the shower drain, and even inside the pool. Dirty grout is obvious and the removal process involves nothing less than scrubbing the grout lines for hours. That is, unless you call on USA Clean Master.

Your Local Cleaning Team

The Story Of Tile And Grout

After your grout is installed its remaining purpose in life is to complement the beauty of your tiles. Unfortunately for tile, grout is all beauty but no brains. It cannot protect itself from the non-stop assault of soil and dirt which started upon its installation. Things are not that great for tile either. The worse grout looks, the less impressive tile seems to be. Since the grout's purpose in life, to keep tiles together, is basically complete, the only thing grout really has to look forward to is getting dingy and discolored. If you have noticed that your grout has given up why not revitalize it back to life with a USA Clean Master tile and grout cleaning? The process is short and quick but the results are made to last. The best part is that our product sealant, which we apply in the last step, helps prolong your tile and grout's clean appearance. That makes everyone happy!

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