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How to Choose the Right Rug Cleaning Company

What to Look for in a Rug Cleaning Company


If you grew up with rugs in your home, you know firsthand the care that went into keeping them looking great, and the effort it took to find a good rug cleaning service to give them the best care of all. Right? But if you are new to rug care and maintenance, you may not know what to look for. You can scour the internet, call company after company, and ask your friends and neighbors for their recommendations. All we can say is that when you find the best rug cleaner, it is really worth it. The question is "Why"? Check out the tips to consider below.


Tips for Choosing a Professional Rug Cleaning Company

There are many factors to consider when choosing a rug cleaning company, and here are the essentials.

Stay Away from Incredibly Low Costs

Hiring a professional area rug cleaning company to help clean your rugs at home requires their use of expensive, professional equipment and supplies that come at a high cost. If someone is telling you a price that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Therefore, we advise you not to set cost as your number one priority in considering a rug cleaning company.

Value-Driven Services

A good rug cleaning service has to be value-driven. Therefore, check what you are getting for the money you will pay. Go for the plan that best suits your needs.

Reliable and Efficient Cleaning Tools

There are different methods - (hot-water extraction, deep cleaning, and dry cleaning methods), equipment, and cleaning supplies that a rug cleaning company uses in getting your rug back into shape. Regardless of their expertise and methods to be used, it's necessary to check out their tools and cleaning supplies to ensure proper work is possible and to avoid damage to your rug. This is especially important to avoid allergies and the risk of illness like asthma from allergens not properly cleaned out of the rug.


Adequate Provision of Customer Service

When contacting an area rug cleaning service, it's pertinent to check out if they meet your needs in getting the cleaning done. Your needs can be different than someone else's and range from the type of rug you use, whether an antique rug, Persian rug, or oriental rug, down to specific concerns such as stains, colors, pet urine, patterns, and more.

Ensuring the cleaning company offers the services you need will keep you away from many headaches, such as cleaning products that leave a residue that attracts soil, so the rug gets dirty again too quickly.

Examine the Company's Reviews Before Making a Decision

Checking out what the customers say about a company can make you feel more confident in your choice. Before deciding on which rug cleaning company to go for, ensure you examine feedback from their customers.


What Rug Cleaning Services does USA Clean Master Offer?

Our professional rug cleaning is not the regular cleaning service you see around. We bring to the table the ability to meet your needs to your complete satisfaction as you maintain a healthy environment.

Because every rug is different, we can tailor the cleaning to give you the best cleaning results for your rug. These are all possible parts of our rug cleaning services:

  • Proper Cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Stain Removal
  • Urine & Odor Removal
  • Stain Protection
  • Sanitizing

When you choose USA Clean Master, you get more than just great rug cleaning. We have well-trained staff and over 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry to give you the best service. We put our clients first, at the center of our excellent services.

Our reputation is top-notch, with transparent pricing, a commitment to clear communication with our clients, and the use of advanced high-tech cleaning equipment to clean better and faster.

USA Clean Master stands out amidst others with our green cleaning solutions, where green cleaning products are used only for cleaning from manufacturers in the US to ensure a safe environment. In addition, our staff gets temperature checks regularly to ensure safety on your path and our path.

Visit our blog article to find out more about our off-site and on-site rug cleaning. To schedule a service with us, feel free to call our office at 888-396-5195. Take a step to the best care for your rugs today!

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