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If carpet cleaning is meant to facilitate ventilation in your home from the bottom up, then air duct cleaning services can be seen as an important supplement to an all around dust and bacteria free home from the top down. Even though our homes are meant to protect us from outdoor elements, both carpets and air duct systems are very sensitive to environmental factors and to moisture and to humidity in particular.

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The Importance of Clean Air Ducts

The recent heat waves crossing the North East have resulted in higher than usual rates of moisture in the air causing a situation that is hazardous not only to one's health but also to one's home as well. When the weather is classified as extremely humid the risk of mold forming spores is increased and anyone who is allergy prone is likely to experience allergic reactions and perhaps even exposure to certain toxic substances. The existence of mold often goes unnoticed, however it is far more likely to be uncovered on the ground or in the carpet than in the vents of air ducts.

Start Breathing Right

Poor respiratory health is many times chalked up to allergies. It's just this time of year they say. If you find that your breathing problems are with you no matter the season, we suspect you might find your answers in your air ducts. Dust bunnies, while they are attributed a cute and cuddly name, are nothing of the sort. When they begin to scatter they have two choices: down to your carpet or up to your air ducts. Either way, if you live in a space with a dust buildup, you'll reap the repercussions. USA Clean Master technicians are trained to disassemble your air ducts in order to properly clean the vents and the inner workings. If you are taking control of your indoor quality and of your health, having your air ducts cleaned by USA Clean Master is a recommended first start!

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