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The Air Duct - Burning Wood Connection

The National Association of Home Builders estimates that indoor fireplaces can increase the value of a home by between 7-12k. That potential financial return is almost tempting enough to ignore the facts about wood burning and the effects it has on indoor and outdoor air pollution. But, if you care about being a responsible steward of the land like we do, you might first read up on some articles regarding the current consensus on burning wood. We're happy to get you started with this pamphlet brought to you by the Department of Ecology at the University of Washington.

If you don't feel like reading the article, you can also get some useful facts here. In the winter months more than half of Washington state's air pollution comes from wood burning appliances, and specifically from wood burning fireplaces. In fact, the winter months typically create such an environmental hazard to Washington that recently, in January of 2009, the first Stage 2 Burning Ban since 1991 was set in place. The implication of this are wide and varying but one thing is for certain, wood burning releases invisible particles that contain carcinogens and other toxins into the air and repeated wood burning runs the risk of serious and even fatal respiratory and cardiovascular complications. This conclusion was confirmed in a U of W study that found that children who live in wood smoking areas tested higher for symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases.

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Stage 2 and You

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that air duct cleaning can be a very useful preventative tactic for spaces in a wood burning vicinity. They further urge those who use any wood burning device to periodically have their air ducts checked for operational capacity, especially before the winter months even begin. Considering that air circulates around your house (and your school, office, workplace, etc.) between 5-7 times per day, it stands to reason that poor air quality is a health threat that can spread quickly.

What We Can Do For You

Many experts contend that cleaning air ducts will help in the efficiency of the system and therefore in the lowering of utility bills. We agree. Further, as a state certified cleaning service provider we have pledged to do our part in cleaning up the environment. That is why we feel it our duty to inform you about the hazards of firewood burning not only for you but for your neighbors as well. Before you decide to light your fireplace this winter (weather guidelines permitting), have a USA Clean Master technician come out and inspect your air ducts. We believe that it is always best to err on the side of caution therefore we encourage you to get an air duct cleaning. This way you are not only ensuring the safety of your children but also helping to decrease the air pollution in your neighborhood. We're just glad we can be of help.

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