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It's more than a clean feeling, it's healthy too.

Life Before AC

The Spanish tradition of 'siesta' originates from the days when, believe it or not, our summer days were not eased by air conditioning. As hard as it is to imagine pulling off an afternoon nap without getting fired, labor workers had no choice but to stop their work during the hottest parts of the day until the temperatures became more bearable. Though air conditioning is most commonly thought of as a contemporary appliance, wealthy merchants in medieval Persia were said to have built tall wind towers capable of capturing wind gusts and of funneling the cool air down into their homes. Today our system of air conditioning actually mirrors many of the methods used in antiquity, however our modern day AC's are convection based and far more complicated. And, while we cannot be 100% sure, we doubt that the Persians required trained technicians to inspect their wind tunnels.

Your Local Cleaning Team

Most of us understand the importance of maintaining our air conditioning unit, but the air ducts themselves frequently get ignored. After all, they're not at eye level and it's easy to forget about them until they get clogged or stop allowing air to pass through them freely. USA Clean Master's cleaning technicians are trained to not only inspect your air duct's air flow quality but to also clean out any excess pollution which might result in an under optimized heating and cooling system.

The EPA's Two Cents

The US Environmental Protection Agency advises homeowners to clean their air ducts regularly to prevent the build up of bacteria in damp, dusty ducts. They further recommend that you have your ducts examined periodically and have them cleaned if you see any dark spots, signs of mold, or water build up in the area around your air conditioning.

If you, or anyone that lives in your home, suffers from allergies, then you should be especially proactive about cleaning the air ducts in your home. Your heating and cooling system circulates your indoor air 5-10 time a day. If your indoor breathing air contains bacteria and allergens, they would ideally be ventilated out by your system. If your system is jammed, however and is need of a clean, then the circulated air, the air that you breathe, is unventilated.

It's really as simple as that. If you would like a price estimate on our air duct work, or any of our other services, please contact our very helpful customer service representatives for more details.

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