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It's more than a clean feeling, it's healthy too.

What's In A Number?

When a customer service representative offers you 11% off your original price provided that you give them personal information about yourself, what are the chances you're willing to give up that information just to save 11%? If you're like most people, you'll probably pass. Even if you did agree and saved 11% on your hair cut, it's not like you'll receive long term benefits. If you're hair cut could score you a new job or was able to print you dollar bills, then maybe.

Think of your hair cut as your total energy cost. Now how does saving 11% sound now? What if we added the long term benefit of breathing clean air to the deal? Now you're listing.

Your Local Cleaning Team

On average, 20% of your monthly utility bill goes towards the energy spent on your HVAC system. This seems pretty reasonable granted that your HVAC system is working properly. But what if you discovered that you were paying for an under optimized system? It is precisely for this reason we at USA Clean Master encourage our clients to have their air ducts checked every few years or so.

The Logic Behind 11%

Think about it. Your HVAC system is essentially the lungs of the house. Air is sent up there, circulated, filtered, and then sent back out to you to breathe. The logic behind carpet cleaning is that indoor air pollution largely comes from bacteria and soil living in your carpet, however this bacteria is first air borne before arriving at its final destination. If your air duct's coils and fans are overloaded by air pollution then it must work even harder to clean your air. You might still get clean air, but you're paying more for it.

On average air duct cleaning is a service recommended every 2-5 years, depending on your individual circumstances. Our USA Clean Master technicians are licensed and trained to open up your HVAC system to determine their operational status. Since all of our services come with a free onsite estimate, you essentially have a free opportunity to potentially save on your energy bill. Now how does 11% sound?

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