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Sick Building Syndrome

According to a June article written in the CBS local news, and to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is a top public risk concern of 2013. Ever heard of sick building syndrome? If you are a property manager, school principal or even a lawyer living in Houston, Texas, chances are you have. By definition sick building syndrome is a name given for a set of symptoms that occur when an individual spends a great deal of time in an environment which is lacking in proper air ventilation. Almost like being trapped, if people spend a great deal of time in these conditions they will develop symptoms associated with mold and bacterial infections, namely, headaches, shortness of breath, rashes, and breathing/upper respiratory problems, just to mention a few. These symptoms are developed due to the presence of mold and bacteria, which in turn is created by an excess of moisture and minimal ventilation.

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The Cure

The truth is that this problem should be of immediate concern to Houstonians since it appears as though smog and air pollution are here to stay, at least for the time being. While a healthy adult's body is equipped to fight off numerous bacteria entering the body from all directions, the young generally lack the antibodies to fight off infections. While estimates differ on particulars, some research has indicated that efforts to purify indoor air circulation led to an increase of 11% in standardized tests in 1 American elementary school. Considering that our children spend nearly 90% of their time in school, it is clear that inspecting the air ventilation in our children's schools is the first place to start.

Before embarking on a total ventilation and structural reconstruction it is helpful to start with the basics. USA Clean Master's air duct inspection and cleaning services are an excellent way to get an initial reading on the ventilation power currently available in your space. Our customer service representatives will assess the amount of obstruction in your air ducts and vents and consult you on the best next steps to take. While we charge for the service, the advice is always free (and so are our price estimates!!).

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