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Indoor Air Pollution

Air duct cleaning as regular maintenance is a very effective way of cutting down on potential indoor air contamination. Most experts agree that for normal cases, air ducts do not require yearly cleaning (as do your carpets), though a thorough cleaning every few years is very conducive to a clean and healthy home environment. Air duct contamination, however, is a very serious cause for concern for two reasons. Firstly, the inner workings of air ducts are not directly visible and many times the only way to know of any contamination is by feeling the effects. Secondly, air ducts are meant to filter the air you breathe. If the origin of your breathing air is contaminated then you most certainly will feel the consequences If the efficiency of your air ducts has been compromised, there are a few potential reasons:

  • Contamination occurred during or post construction or home remodeling. Your system's registers might have not been properly shut down and significant amounts of dust and allergens were able to enter the system's components.
  • Cooling components are not working properly. Cooling coils are meant to extract moisture from your breathing air but the condensation drip pans might not have been emptied entirely. This situation is likely to lead to mold growth.
  • An old or inadequate system might actually be circulating old dust particles back into your air.

Your Local Cleaning Team

USA Clean Master's cleaning experts are properly trained to dismantle heating and cooling systems in order to carry out a full inspection. The cleaning methods employed by our experts highly depend on the specific conditions of a particular place, however every inspection will likely begin with an initial check of the inner cleaning components, such as coils, fans, exchangers, motors, etc.

The EPA's Guide To Air Quality

While cleaning of air ducts has not been proven as a means of preventative health problems, many people affirm that it is an excellent mitigating method for current health and respiratory problem. For more information on air ducts and indoor air pollution, we invite you to read the EPA's guide to air quality, found here

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