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You don't have to look to Seattle for carpet cleaning when USA Clean Master has a branch right here in Renton, Washington. This is your local source for carpet cleaning and other professional cleaning services, dependable and honest. Our carpet cleaning technicians will choose the right carpet cleaning services to meet your needs, whether for your home or for your commercial space.

Carpet Cleaning and the Environment

Living in the Puget Sound Region requires a heightened sensibility to the damage that contaminated storm water runoff does to our waterways. Whatever ends up on our driveways and lawns can end up in Lake Washington or the Cedar River. The loss of the salt marshes alone is one of the greatest threats to the salmon who use our rivers for spawning.

Your Local Cleaning Team

Even though USA Clean Master in Renton uses biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solvents, we are particularly careful to find appropriate disposal for the waste water from our carpet cleaning services. We believe in green cleaning, without compromising on quality, for the safety of the outdoors and good health for you, your family, and the surrounding community. In this way, we minimize the environmental impact of carpet cleaning, whether you're talking about the indoor or the outdoor environment. Our cleaning services are safe even for the smallest members of our families, who are more susceptible to ill effects from chemical exposure due to their size, our pets and our small children.

Relief from Indoor Allergies

Throughout King County, USA Clean Master is known for our great carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning results, especially when it comes to stain and odor removal. But if you suffer from indoor allergies or asthma, carpet cleaning may even improve the quality of your life by removing the substances that can trigger asthma attacks. This includes common allergens like dust mites and pollen, as well as dander and even mold.

Steam cleaning is the best carpet cleaning method for allergy management. Using truck mount carpet cleaning machines, hot water is propelled into the carpet's fibers, knocking away the dirt and contaminants so often missed by vacuuming. Then a powerful vacuum removes the dirt suspended in the water. Many allergy sufferers report a decrease in allergy symptoms when carpet cleaning is a part of an allergy management plan.

The Value of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can seem like an extra expense, but can you really put a price on the pleasure you'll experience when you see like-new carpets in your home where there used to be stains and spots? And professional carpet cleaning means that your carpeting will not only look good, but also last as long as it should, without being worn out prematurely by ground in dirt. You can take the savings literally to the bank, as your home looks great year after year without the added expense of carpet replacement.

And that is really what the whole range of USA Clean Master services is about, taking good care of your home and your family. Maintaining your property may take a little bit of effort, but you reap the rewards in taking care of your carpets and furnishings, enjoying a better appearance and a longer time to enjoy them.

Ask about our other cleaning services, and save time when you schedule more than one service on the same day. We offer tile and grout cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing, as well as fire and water damage recovery services. Call 425-873-2000 today.

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